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"MIMI”, as a Private Educational School which is Christian-Oriented aims to provide an excellence in education, that empowers Future Leaders to transform students in a balanced and integrated manner, to enhance knowledge, technology and skills, to develop superior character, attitude and to glorify God




  1. Creating a religious and affectionate atmosphere that carries students to a pious attitude, dedication, and glorification to God.
  2. Establishing a conducive atmosphere at school to support the teaching and learning process by conducting any encouraging teaching, training and guidance to students in order to build their characters, self-identity and competence.
  3. Guiding the students not only to prepare them to get a job but also to face life and value the norms of society.
  4. Helping the students to reach a level of excellence in education, improving the quality of teaching and learning activities, and forming students to be intelligent, independent, creative, skillful and excellent.

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