Kepala Sekolah

- Kepala Sekolah PS-TK 2016 - Sekarang

  Vivi Hidayanti,S.Pd.

- Kepala Sekolah SD 2010 - Sekarang

  Nungki Agus P, S.Pd.

- Kepala Sekolah SMP 2016 - Sekarang

  Michael Leonard, S.T

- Kepala Sekolah SMA 2018 - Sekarang

  Firdhaus Budi Nyata, S.Hum.




Give thanks to our God for all His blessings because we have been able to carry out and complete the learning activities during the last school year very successfully. Armed with excellence, perseverance and integrity we work together to run school programs so that students can have a learning experience that not only excel in academics but also in character. This becomes evident through the graduation of our students which is always 100% 

During the academic year 2017 - 2018, “MIMI” School has been carrying out a lot of development programs to improve the quality of the education system. “MIMI” Junior and Senior HighSchool has also prioritized the development of teaching methods and school facilities to support teaching and learning processes, especially for Multimedia and IT systems.

“MIMI” high school as a student’s center is also expanding its network of cooperation with several educational institutions both within and out with the country, to support our academic programs, like Cambridge International Examanitions (CIE). In this year, some students of CambridgeInternational Examinations Programs takethe test of IGCSE Examinations and get a good score for the exams, especially in Mathematic& Science.

"MIMI" High School is fulfilling its commitments in Building Character & Academic Excellence and creating students who have a strong personal profile: inquirer, critical -thinker, risk-taker, problem-solver, self-directed learner and a constructive community member .

We would like to say congratulations to the grade IX and XII student who have succeeded in completing their great education. Especially for XII grade students who have been accepted at some favorit universities before passing the national exam. Soon you will leave the high school level for a higher level of education or join the business community. I hope the education that you have received in “MIMI” high school, which is based on Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills, can be a guide for you after leaving high school and help you to be a successful person in the future. Make sure that "Who ever you are, be a good one" and always remember that "You are special and God loves you. You know that "With God all things are possible". Be Strong and Never Give Up. Congratulations, Good Luck & God Bless You

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